The Source of Fair Trade Jewellery

CRED is driven by the desire to see artisanal mining communities benefiting from the jewellery trade and people given the chance to own jewellery that is traceable and delivers social and environmental benefits to producing communities.

Building on the established ethical supply chain of CRED Jewellery, CRED Sources offers Fairtrade certified precious metals to the jewellery trade.

We supply Fairtrade gold and silver from the Andes mountains in Peru. We supply Fine Gold Grain in18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold and silver. Our white gold is high palladium 14% so does not require plating.

We pay a $2000 / kg premium for our gold and silver which is paid directly to the miners and goes into a community pot to provide for education and development in the community.

Due to the economies of scale in the fabrication of precious metals our minimum gold order is 500g. However if you want to order less than this it is possible although we will charge you a minimum order fee to cover the costs of fabrication.

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